Crimson, Scarlet, Ruby, Rose: Natural Red Dyes w/ Kira Frech

$ 50.00

DATE: Saturday, March 18th
TIME: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
COST: $50 (supplies included)
Join local fiber artist & weaver Kira Frech for an afternoon of natural red dye studies!
For centuries the world has been obsessed with red. It has adorned the royal and wealthy. In Japan only women in favor with the Empress could weae fabrics dyed pink by safflower. Red is the color of blood and symbolically represents power. Countries have used red dyes to color their flags and solders.
In this class we will use the same dye materials to achieve the reds found throughout history. We will cover prepping materials to dye, extracting color from dyestuff, and modifying the color by changing the ph. Through record keeping will be discussed so you can repeat recipes on your own. Dye will be extracted from cochineal, safflower, and madder root.
All materials will be provided. You will also get a baby madder plant, grown by Kira, to start your red dye garden!